Well, I’m pretty sure I just had the most hectic of easters in the history of easter. I managed to….

  1. Help paint the whole house
  2. Extensively celebrate the birthday of one of my oldest friends
  3. Ride to Kiama and back in a day. (about 300km)
  4. Swim 2 races in different spots on different days.
  5. Eat and drink at least my bodyweight in deliciously evil goodness at multiple venues.

Good news is that the 2 races, that were as different as chalk and cheese, have provided fodder for some upcoming posts.

Bad news is that as part of the process of getting item one complete, the house has been in such chaos I’ve been basically offline and haven’t downloaded any photos or kept anything even slightly up to date.

Good news….watch this space for a couple of race reports (apologies for them being a touch late).

More good news!!!

Check out this hilarious clip….I hope it keeps you amused til I get my lounge room back in order and my blog posts underway!