Yes, the weather was rubbish. Yes, I swam. I know this is confounding to a lot of people..but unless there’s a really good reason, I NEVER miss a Saturday session. Even when it looks like this:

Fact is, it was one of the craziest sessions I’ve been to. I had an [R]Adeladian friend staying and a fancy dinner the night before. Luckily my grown-up side prevailed and I refrained from excessive wine to accompany the over-the-top carbs…as did Ronene who was both out to dinner and made training in the morning. Seems that’s not a terrible combination for swimming…until you turn up and are the only people who have turned up for that particular session!

It was so bad, the unheard-of happened…Sejuiced coffee shop was closed!

Because of the previous night’s dinner, we had turned up for the late session…not my usual choice. And coach Kingy had done one of her usual impressive pre-swim performances of running farther than I will probably ever do in my life… as a warm-up to training, so was feeling a little unenthusiastic about changing out of rain-soaked clothes to swim and then get back into the rain-soaked clothes to run all the way home. I was thinking about some sarcastic sentence here, but knowing how awesome she is, I thing “fair enough” is the only appropriate response.

Coach Zoe was to the rescue, though and agreed to go out for a second session…for our part we suggested a short session would be just fine.

We braved the rain…the fun type of rain that’s like needles on your skin…and ran down to the waterline.

After that, despite of that, and even if that wasn’t the case, the ocean was like a warm bath. The temperature was divine. I think one of the big revelations for me when I started this sport was the temperature lag with the water…and realising that sometimes the crazy-looking days are the ones that give you the warmest water and the most fun.

I’m not going to lie to you, though. conditions were challenging. The surf was a bit rough and messy. Above all though, there were a hell of a current running from South to North. So much so that even wading in the medium shallows was a pretty decent workout and my legs were aching by the end of the session.

We stayed pretty shallow, and joined maybe half a dozen other swimmers out there. It’s kind of sad to really see the end of summer, but out of season swimming has it’s own joys and having a small beach not be crowded is a luxury of its own.

The session may not have been the longest ever…we wrapped it up at about 45 minutes, but true to form, it was a lot of fun and proved once again that it’s pretty much never a bad day for a swim.