After last week’s wintery conditions, the series of sunny Saturdays made a welcome return. I think the photos above can do more justice than my words, but let me just say, it was magnificent.

The water is ever so slowly starting to cool off, but it’s still a long way from cold, and it was clear and blue and lovely, with enough critters around to make it interesting.

With the water basically flat and the sun shining, there was only one thing for it… a point to point!

It was as good as it looks in those photos up there. A swim to the boat ramp, sighting off that slim yellow building (you wouldn’t believe how much time I’ve spent looking for that building over the last few years!) and then looking for the iconic Icebergs (the white building above). The only slightly tricky bit was the challenge to touch the outside wall of the Icebergs pool, and only because the rocks there mean that it can get a bit of chop right at the end and the footing is a bit precarious. As you can see though, we made it right to the wall…and one show-off made it to the wall, out of the water up the stairs and back! For me, touching the wall was quite enough, and I kept it to an hour session because I was keen to keep a bit in the tank for the race the next day.

Bloody delightful session…and a fabbo coffee in the sun with the crew afterwards. Ah…it’s soooo tough swimming this time of year!