Wow, I do tend towards the complimentary on here, I admit it. I love this whole ocean-swimming kit and caboodle, and I tend to get a bit excited.

This Saturday, though, It was a touch overcast, and I was tempted to stay in bed, but I try to think particularly of the Saturday ocean sessions as my non-negotiable staples.

So I got out of bed and I did the Saturday double. And I’m so glad I did. Even if I was to exaggerate it wouldn’t be enough to explain just how mind-bogglingly amazing it was out there.

The first session was a swim safari around the south end to McKenzies. Not the point, the inlet around they way. It’s about half way to Tamarama without the difficult an and/or out. There were plenty of fish around and lots to see, but the real highlight was this guy:

Object larger than it appears in this photo!

Object larger than it appears in this photo!

He swam directly underneath me, and he was pretty damn big. Because of his size I originally thought he was an eagle ray, but a bit of research seems to indicate he was probably a big common sting ray. Regardless, he was amazing. So graceful and quicker than you would think!

As the second session began, the clouds cleared and the sun came out. Perfect for a journey swim to the North end! How lucky am I to get to do both swims in the same day?

Well, if I thought the massive ray and all the fish were spectacular, the north end was something else agin. The water was literally swarming with all manner of fish. It almost felt like swimming with the schools. There were so many of them and they were all moving so fast that they were impossible to photograph properly, but this horrible picture gives at least some concept of how many little fishies were letting us share their space.



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