Friday night. T minus two days to the big event.

Around Wednesday the forecast for race day was looking like it was a worst case scenario. 3.5m waves….a very scary prospect. Up until that point, I’d been feeling reasonably ok with the event. I knew it was going to be tough, but I wasn’t scared about it. Seeing that forecast, though, the butterflies swooped straight to my stomach and set up camp there for the duration. Bel and I exchanged a few text messages and some of them may have contained swear words….

By the night of the briefing, the forecast had improved slightly, but it was still looking as though race day was going to be a battle. On top of the nerves from that, and all the questions running through my mind that I was hoping would be answered at the compulsory briefing, my motorbike broke down as I headed home from work! Luckily it was close enough that I could walk home, grab my car, and leg it up to Watsons Bay Hotel just in time to make the briefing.

The briefing itself was good. Answered most of the questions that had been buzzing around my head…in case you’re interested, the answers were:

  • Solos start at 9, duos at 9:10 and teams at 9:20
  • There will be 2 white marine rescue boats providing support, plus the organiser’s boat.
  • A sign on the boat with the team number is mandatory and needs to be sighted and registered with one of the support boats before the swimmer will be allowed to proceed to that boat and on with the race.
  • For duos/teams, anyone who isn’t starting from the beach can be on the boat.
  • Swimmers must stop and check in with marine rescue at camp cove before crossing the ferry path.
  • The finish line was clarified as the surf club causeway.

We also received our lucky team number – 51, and our fetching hot pink caps for duos….

BelJacki Briefing


Apparently, if you imagine our hands as fluffy ears, the caps look like koala faces!

Then it was home for another pre-race alcohol-free high-protein early-to-bed exciting evening!