T minus one day til the big event!

The nerves were still bothering me, but I knew what I needed to to…

Go for a swim.

I think I’ve written here before about my very favourite thing about ocean swimming. It’s that moment when you dive under your first wave of the swim. All of a sudden it’s quiet. All the chatter, the excitement on the beach catching up with friends, the crashing of the waves…all of that just goes quiet and it’s just me and the water.

It was a bit of a challenging day, the Saturday sessions lately have been really flat and full of destination swims. Not today. The waves were big and messy and the only thing for it was a good session of ins and outs.

Just what I needed!

The thing about a day like that, is you need to be really focussed or you’re going to get cleaned up by a wave. You need to be looking ahead, watching the sets roll in, getting under them, and then straight back up looking for the next one and hoping to get a few strokes underway in between so you make some forward progress.

I didn’t take my camera out, figuring it’d be too difficult to take pictures under the circumstances, but I did get to try out the Garmin 910 I’ve generously got on loan for tomorrow’s event. I mentioned it when I did my follow-up review of my Garmin Forerunner 10, but I just like I need to say again…that thing is awesome. It’s so on my birthday list!

I came out after only the first session (no double-ups for me today on taper) feeling much calmer than  I had gone in. My realisation? It’s just swimming. Tomorrow might be swimming a long way, but it’s just swimming, and I can do that.

Try not to laugh too hard at the pace...it was rough and I was on taper!

Try not to laugh too hard at the pace…it was rough and I was on taper!