Hi, I’m Jacki. I’m a Sydney-sider who’s kind of obsessed with ocean swimming. I’m not very good at it, but I’m in it for the love, not the glory. I just love being out the back, under a wave, body-surfing all the way to shore, turning my arms over in a long race til they’re exhausted, dodging tourists in summer, and smashing waves in winter. I love it all.

My home ground is Bondi…I train with a squad of other loonies year-round. Every Saturday rain hail or shine. I also try to fit in a couple of pool sessions a week, and in summer I participate in events (I’m not competitive neough to really think of them as races) pretty much every Sunday.

I’ve been into this for nearly two years, and have found there’s not much out there on the internet for the truly amatuer swimmer, so I figured I’d fill the niche. If you want proper advice on swimming – how to, or super athletic professional stuff, I’m sure you can find someone far better suited to your needs, but if you love the ocean and want to hear me rabbit on about what I get up to in it, then you’re in the right place!

If you want the full story of how I ended up here, you can read the full story here.