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It’s normal, right? To think about doing the swim leg of a big triathlon (hehe, the 1km “long” course), because its close to where you’re on holidays camping? Right?


I went back to work on Thursday after such a beautiful couple of weeks off. It wasn’t pretty. There’s something about heading back to the office when you’ve had a couple of weeks of freedom, particularly when the sun is still shining outside, that makes it super-tough those first couple of days back.

Luckily there are Friday night swims to soothe my soul and revive my spirit, and Friday’s swim was a glorious example of just how lovely they can be.

The weather was divine and the beach was packed with holiday-makers. The 4SEASons crew put on a great turn-out and we made for quite a sight weaving  through the crowds, and straight out the back and across to the boat ramp.

Once out there, with the sunshine and the water pretty flat, there seemed only one thing for it – point to point of course!

We set off across the bay and it was a pretty lovely swim. It was so nice to be back in the salt water and stretching out to swim across the bay.

The only real challenge of the day was the combination of the weather and the time of year on the way over. Sighting was particularly challenging as we were swimming into this:


Just a little bit of glare!


Just a little bit of glare!

 We struggled along, sighting as well as we could. Luckily for us there was some sort of event on at Bondi Icebergs (polo, I think?) so as we got closer we were able to follow the sound of the brass band.

Quite possibly the first time I’ve ever sighted by listening!

Well, I guess it had to happen some time. My utterly divine holiday to Western Australia has come to an end and I’m back East with a case of the post-holiday blues.

On Wednesday it was a return to training at ABC pool for Can Too training. It was my last day of holidays. Plus it’s always a concern coming back to training after a break as you don’t really know how much fitness you may or may not have lost until you actually get back into a session and see how it all feels.

I was pretty active this holiday. Both my sister and my sister-in-law who I was staying with are currently training for their own challenges, and with the heat-wave there it just made sense to be in the water as much as possible…particularly when there are options like learning to wake-board and going diving on a Navy Island! Then there was the running around after my gorgeous nieces and nephew…a labour of love no question, but hard work nonetheless. so the upshot is that I did a lot of exercise while i was away. I knew that, but you just never know how that might actually translate to swim-fitness.

Luckily, I found that the answer for me in this particular situation was “Not too badly”. I felt OK in the pool, and did the set feeling like I was challenged, but not that I felt like I might implode.

We did a good solid set, focussing on fast distances, alternating with equal distances of way swimming. This was to do two things; first, it gives you a good sense of the difference between your fast and easy swim pace, and this is key to mastering the art of pacing that I’ve written about here before (maybe quite a lot!). Secondly, we’re getting to the pointy end of the swim program here, where the technique should be improved a lot, where the beach skills are learned and now being practiced and revised, but there’s still work that can be done on general fitness. Interval training is great for this, and the easy sets are great as an active recovery.

So, after the initial (standard) nerves about the first session back after a break, it was nice to be back in the pool after all! Can’t wait for the flurry of activity coming up. Races! Training! Sunshine and beach weather! Let the games begin!

Yup, that's actually me. Upright and everything!

Yup, that’s actually me. Upright and everything!

Wow, yesterday I was up early. Very excited about getting to go diving with my friends Matt and Rebecca at a super secret military location…super luxurious beach to ourselves!

The diving was a little average, but the spot was pretty sensational and it was lovely to be back in the ocean…especially with water as warm as it was yesterday…


Then they dropped me back at my brother’s house where I borrowed a car and headed to Coogee beach. Yep, you read that right, there’s a beach here called that too, though apparently it’s pronounced differently. I met up with the lovely Claire Green from 4SEASons who has recently moved over here and we got in a bit of a swim session.


It was pretty stunning…warm water, white sand and clear water. We did have a giggle that there were at least a dozen lifeguards on duty for about 35 swimmers, tops!

The beach was a pretty cool location. Two pontoons…one with a slide on it, were moored just off shore, plus there was a great jetty with different ladders and spots you could climb up and jump off. It was really well set up and we had a lovely swim around pontoons, followed by the mandatory post-swim coffee on the beach.



So that was a pretty full on day. A swim, and then a post-swim swim. I was looking forward to some food and a shower and getting out of my swimmers.

Until I got home and these two talked me into a dip their backyard pool!


How could I say no?

Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone, break in normal programming..and training. I’m currently in Western Australia for a ginormous family Christmas. I’m managing to fit in some fabulous pool swims…working on those tumble turns, a splash in the dam with the yabbies, plus my sister in law dragged me along to a KiMax class. On a related note, did you know you can get sore forearm muscles? It’s very odd!

I’ve been splitting time between my brothers place and sister’s farm, so my attentions have been very focused on some kind of cute kids I don’t get to see very often. I’ve quickly become a master of coloring in, guess who, and hide and seek! Internet is a bit limited too, but the camera has been working overtime and I’ll be back with plenty of new posts in the new year!

Enjoy your holidays, however you celebrate, and just keep swimming!


I know I’m pretty lucky: I live somewhere the weather and conditions mean I can swim year round at beautiful Bondi Beach.

Then I saw these swim tours in beautiful locations around the world. And now I want to do all of them. Immediately!

Norway? Yes please. Italy? Why of course. UK Lake district? Sounds lovely, thanks. Hidden lagoons in Thailand? don’t mind if I do.

Well I guess you’ll know where to find me if I ever win the lotto!

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