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So, the other day this happened.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.47.06 PMYes, you read that right. Probably the second time as you may have wondered what the hell it was you were looking at.

I’m equal parts petrified and excited (hint: a cr@pload of both) about this. I’ve been contemplating it for quite some time, and decided I needed to get in while the limited entries were open before I could back down or change my mind.

I’m unbelievably amazed by the fact that this is going to happen (and questioning my sanity in entering the non-wesuit category), and then trying to reassure myself with the fact that it’s not actually that cold (around 15 degrees Celsius) or actually that far (2.4km), It’s just the combination of those things that’s kind of freaking me out. And the jetlag. And the sharks (a myth to scare the prisoners, right?). My recent research Google search suggests that there are sharks in the bay, but not man-eating ones, and that there has never been a recorded attack on a person by a shark there. Whew!

So why would i do this to myself?

Well, apart from the California holiday I’m planning for myself after the event is done (assuming I survive!) I’m doing it as my goal swim. This year I’ll be mentoring a new long swim program for that brilliant bunch of crazies, Can Too.

If you happen to be in a position to join me, you can sign up on the Can Too website now.

If you’re not interested in swimming (very hard for me to believe!), you can still get on board and support my fundraising efforts via my Can Too Fundraising Link.

And wish me luck…escaping from Alcatraz!

Hey readers, sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been floored with the flu for the past week and haven’t managed to do much of anything at all.

In fact the closest I’ve come to swimming is watching Finding Nemo on DVD from under a doonah on my couch.

I’m feeling on the mend, today, and hoping to get back to training on Wednesday.

In the mean time, here’s someone else’s thrilling open water swimming story. It’s pretty inspirational and includes winning the event…something you’re unlikely to ever read about from me!

Back soon.


Double Century


Can you believe it? We’ve just passed 200 posts on this little blog about ocean swimming! Who would have thought there’d be so much to write about?

I was thinking about this and having a look through some of the stats to see what worked, what was popular and how my readers end up here. Then I looked through the categories of the  search results that lead people here…and now I’m wondering if maybe I’m doing something a bit wrong……


I’ve already done my race review of the Bondi Bluewater event from Easter. Seems a very clever someone immortalised the race their own way and did a magnificent job of it!

If you haven’t already seen it doing the rounds, please hit play on this…it’s a wonderful lens on the ocean swimming experience, complete with 4SEASons and Can Too swimmers and wardrobe malfunctions (fortunately not on the same person!).

If you happen to have come here wondering what it’s all about the video above is the best thing I’ve seen to show you (short of jumping in the water and giving it a go!). Well done to the very clever fellow who made it.

Another Point of View

I stumbled across a kindred Sydney swimming blogger. Or blogging swimmer. If you can’t get enough of race reports for ocean swimming around and about Sydney, check out Writing Whims and Ocean Swims. There’s a bit of crossover, but she is definitely worth a read!

Very, Very, Very funny post on the laws of swimming.

Go have a read and a chuckle.

You’re welcome.

Whew! Apparently it’s not all just about training harder….

I found this great article on a few simple principles for increasing speed and comfort in the water.

It’s Not About Swimming Harder

It’s a very quick one-pager set out with 8 different points. Definitely worth the couple of minutes it takes to read.

I particularly found the point on strength training interesting as it has come up in a lot of my recent reading. Not only is strength training apparently a good idea for swimming, but it ‘s invaluable for “burning more calories, losing fat and seeing more tone and definition” according to this different but related article I read this morning (I think the universe is trying to tell me something).

Hmmm….might have to start doing some strength exercises at home in the lounge room of an evening. Do you think carrying cases of wine and restocking the rack for Christmas counts?

I read this interesting article on the Daily News of Open Water Swimming site, questioning whether open water swimmers are genetic mutations, and I thought it was an interesting question.

I’ve been called many things when it comes to my swimming. “Crazy” comes up a lot, funnily enough, especially in winter! Genetic mutation, though? Sounds all a bit science fiction, right? But really, when I read the article, it kind of made some sense to me. We all know, I. Ourselves, that there are certain things we tend to be naturally good at, and certain things we struggle with no matter how much time and effort we put into it.

The idea that some of us are built a bit differently to others. That our muscles might be more or less suited to different types of activities? That actually starts to ring true for me.

So does this mean I can be excused from the beach running sets because of my genetic mutation?

I read a lovely article on the Daily News of Open Water Swimming site, where a swimmer named Laura Lee describes converting her friend to ocean swimming.

The whole article is great, but one particular sentence resonated completely with me…

“Once you start ocean swimming and have that personal, spiritual ocean experience, it’s hard to stop”

I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

Here’s a great and properly professional article comparing the 6 top-selling waterproof cameras. A much more methodical comparison than my random reviews with screenshots and categories and everything!

This takes a look at the features, functions, modes, display, menus, design, handling and operation, and is a fantastic reference guide for anyone looking to buy an underwater camera….even if your option isn’t on the list, it’ll give you a good idea of what to look for…no conclusions or recommendations: just the info you need to make a good decision.

Thanks to Paul for the link!

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