Today is RUOK Day. It’s such an interesting day. It’s not for charity and it’s not exactly for awareness, it’s more than that. It’s about empowering each one of us to have genuine conversations with the people around us.

I started conversations in my office in my own special way…by baking! Choc Chip cookies no less!

RUOK? Cookies

RUOK? Cookies


So what does this have to do with swimming?

Well here’s the pretty amazing conversation that took place on our swim group’s Facebook page today:

Coach: Today we ask RU OK? While we work to be better swimmers, we also hope to create a group that people can feel themselves, to join in, to talk, to make friends and to feel included in everything we do.

Swimmer 1: From experience, when things aren’t okay, this group is bloody fantastic at helping you through it. All you have to do is raise your hand (useful life lesson from the surf).

Swimmer 2: And that is why there have been 20+ swimmers each session all through winter. Even a sleep-in in a nice warm bed isn’t as good as a 4SEAsons session 🙂

As if I needed another reason to love this sport!