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I went back to work on Thursday after such a beautiful couple of weeks off. It wasn’t pretty. There’s something about heading back to the office when you’ve had a couple of weeks of freedom, particularly when the sun is still shining outside, that makes it super-tough those first couple of days back.

Luckily there are Friday night swims to soothe my soul and revive my spirit, and Friday’s swim was a glorious example of just how lovely they can be.

The weather was divine and the beach was packed with holiday-makers. The 4SEASons crew put on a great turn-out and we made for quite a sight weaving  through the crowds, and straight out the back and across to the boat ramp.

Once out there, with the sunshine and the water pretty flat, there seemed only one thing for it – point to point of course!

We set off across the bay and it was a pretty lovely swim. It was so nice to be back in the salt water and stretching out to swim across the bay.

The only real challenge of the day was the combination of the weather and the time of year on the way over. Sighting was particularly challenging as we were swimming into this:


Just a little bit of glare!


Just a little bit of glare!

 We struggled along, sighting as well as we could. Luckily for us there was some sort of event on at Bondi Icebergs (polo, I think?) so as we got closer we were able to follow the sound of the brass band.

Quite possibly the first time I’ve ever sighted by listening!

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach

Ahhh…Friday was hot and steamy in the city. A Friday night swim was definitely in order…especially after I hadn’t managed much swimming during the week due to the finger/door incident of last Sunday.

This Friday was a bit different to usual training. We went to Bronte beach instead of Bondi. Outrageous!

Don’t worry, though, we aren’t finding a new home, there was a very specific reason for the change. On Sunday, quote a few swimmers were planning on swimming the Bondi to Bronte event. We’re pretty familiar with the start, but we did some specific circuits, practicing coming in where we expected the race to end. We also had fish and chips in the park afterwards 🙂

As a special treat my sister decided to join us for a refreshing dip too!

Bronte Beach is quite similar to Bondi in a lot of ways, but in some ways it’s also quite different. The beach in general is much steeper. It’s a climb up to anywhere and the water’s edge itself is quite steep so the water gets deep very quickly.

The sand at Bronte is much coarser and more shelly than Bondi. I know this because I body-surfed right up to the beach a couple of times and ended up with a not insubstantial amount in my swimmers!

Bronte is a bit smaller than Bondi, and has more of a central rip instead of the two you normally get round the corner. A lot of fun grabbing that little express right out from the middle!

Unfortunately I did have a bit of a drama…my trusty (well maybe not so much in hindsight) Pentax decided not to work while I was in the water. When I got it home I realised why….the whole thing was full of water and the battery had leaked. The whole thing was toast. Boooo.

There’s an upside to everything, though..I did a bit of research on the weekend and made a new purchase so watch this space for a review of my shiny new camera!

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